Waiver of Liability 

A new student registration requires a signed acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability as well as a hard copy registration form.  I understand that  my child will not be allowed to participate until such forms are  completed and turned into the office.  The forms are available at the bottom of this page or at our front desk. 

Auto enrollment/Auto Pay 

All families must have an up to date  credit card on file.  Once registered in our program you will be  continually enrolled in your class until you choose to withdraw.  Upon  enrollment you will be billed for the first month of tuition.  Tuition  will then be billed on the 25th of each month for the upcoming month.   You can elect to pay your tuition via cash/check prior to the 25th.   Monthly tuition is non-refundable.  Any accounts not paid in full by the  1st of the month will result in your student being dropped from his or  her class. 


Registration Fees 

Registration fee is $25.00 per  student/$40.00 per family and covers the cost of insurance and  processing fees for all class and team programs.  This fee is  non-refundable.  Registration fee is valid for one academic year (Sept -  Aug) and is billed upon enrollment.  September tuition is refundable up  to July 31st less a $15 cancellation fee. 

Fun Days/Fun Nights/Clinics/Events 

Fun days, fun nights, clinics and other special events are billed at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable. 


Summer Fun Days & Classes 

Tuition for summer classes/summer fun days  is billed in full at the time of enrollment.  Summer classes/Fun Days  are refundable up until June 1st less a $15 cancellation fee.   Refunds  or credits are not available after June  1st. 

Make Up Policy 

We are happy to offer unlimited make ups!   To be eligible for a make up class you must provide advance notice of  your absence.  Please provide notice by calling, emailing or verbally  notifying the front desk.  Make up space is not guaranteed.  It is on a  first come, first serve basis.  You must be currently enrolled to  schedule a make up class.  WGA does not offer credits or refunds for  classes missed.  Your tuition is based on enrollment (space held in  class) and not a reflection of attendance.  Summer make up classes can  be carried into the school year if your student is actively enrolled. 


We recommend a leotard for girls or shorts and a t-shirt for boys. No skirts, jeans, zippers, baggy clothes or jewelry/fit bits are allowed.  We require all children to have their mid sections covered and therefore do not allow 2 piece leotards.   All children should be barefoot in the gym.

Nut Free Zone

We have a large number of children with severe nut allergies, including potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. Complete avoidance of peanut butter and nut products is the only way to prevent these children from having an allergic reaction. We ask that no type of food containing peanut butter and/or nut products be brought into our facility. In addition, we have a policy of not sharing food and we request that this be reinforced with your children.  As we strive to provide a nut-free environment please recognize that our facilities are used by many people and therefore we cannot guarantee our facilities are completely nut free. We do appreciate all efforts to make our facilities as safe as possible for all who use them.

Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawal requests must be submitted  via email to info@winchestergymnasticsacademy.com by the 24th of the  current month for the upcoming month.